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On this site you'll find all kinds of things about code and stuff: javascript, typescript, css, html, canvas, angular, react, node, express and more. If you'd like to learn more about myself, this blog, or the internet you should checkout the about page, otherwise get reading!

Latest posts

Redux and React: An Introduction

In this post I’m going to briefly explain what redux is, all of the basic elements, and how to set up a React project with redux as your data storage / flow solution using react-redux. You will need some prior knowledge of React; JSX, state, props, context; and ES6 syntax,...

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TypeScript Quirks: Arrays vs Tuples

So, in TypeScript we can define an array as being a list of things. This could be a single type of thing, or multiple possible things. Additionally, as briefly covered in a previous post, we can define a tuple… but it’s not necessarily what you’d think.

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Writing better code: Finding duplicates in an array

A few days ago at work one of my colleagues posed a question about the most elegant way to find the duplicates in an array (in javascript), and after having seen the variety of solutions that people suggested I thought I’d write a small post about it. Hopefully it’ll help...

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Hot projects

  • Jake's Video Party

    Shortly after the lockdown(s) as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak I found myself in a lot of video calls with friends, family, and colleagues. Although Zoom seemed to work quite nicely for work, my friends and I really struggled to find a free group video chat that was easy to setup and didn't have a horrible user interface or poor video quality... so in my usual spirit, I wrote my own. Go check it out. It's free and easy. I originally intended to add screen sharing and a lot of other features. Hopefully I'll have some time soon. Regardless, we still use it regularly, and it does just fine.

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  • Async - Website

    Async is an inclusive web tech meetup based in Brighton, UK. Although I didn't build the original Async website, in 2019 I was responsible for a complete rebrand in an attempt to appeal to a more diverse audience - new logo, color scheme, fonts, and completely re-styled the website. This rebrand spans the entire Async community including their Slack, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Tasty open source

  • canvasimo

    An HTML5 canvas drawing library, with 150+ useful methods, jQuery-like fluent interface, and cross-browser compatibility enhancements.

  • jargs

    Simple node arg parser with explicit tree structure schema

  • antler

    Directory structure linter

  • @jakesidsmith/tsb

    Dead simple TypeScript bundler, watcher, dev server, transpiler, and polyfiller

  • @jakesidsmith/tsassert

    Check TypeScript types against assertion comments

  • @jakesidsmith/tsurl

    Type safe URL construction and deconstruction

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