A bit about me

Jake was once told that one shouldn’t start every sentence with “I” when writing about one’s self, so instead he will refer to himself in the third person.

Jake thinks he has a pretty good sense of humor, but he’ll let you be the judge of that, provided that you have obtained a judgeship.

Jake works for an app design / development agency, DabApps, that specialize in “big data” applications. They make both web and mobile apps, using the latest technologies.

Jake originally came from a design background, having studied art & design at college, followed by a degree in digital media design. During his time in education he spent a lot of time self teaching himself a variety of coding languages. After beginning his employment at DabApps Jake began to focus more on the code side of application development, and now specializes in frontend development, with a vast knowledge of javascript, typescript, css, html, canvas, angular, react, node, express and a huge host of other technologies.

Jake has contributed a fair amount to the construction of the internet; including publishing many open source libraries and tools; developing apps and websites for a variety of clients; owning a Facebook account, as well as MySpace and even Bebo (at a time); uploading various amusing images, and tweeting about nonsense that nobody cares about.

A bit about this blog

Jake has been writing about design and frontend tech for a long time in the hope that he’d eventually publish his knowledge on a blog of some sort. After a long time of playing with various content management tools and static site generators, and spending far too much time writing his own, he decided to go with jekyll (GitHub’s static site generator), and has finally begun publishing his findings for the world to enjoy.

The purpose of this site is essentially a place for Jake to share ideas & discoveries with the world. Some of which are projects that Jake doesn’t have the time to complete, but would be happy for others to take on.

This site will also become a place for Jake to showcase his open source projects, so that others may reap the benefits.

A bit about the internet

It’s pretty cool.